CEO at CryptoBlades
Philip Devine is the owner and operator of Riveted Games, the blockchain gaming company behind the play-to-earn phenomenon CryptoBlades enjoyed by over 1.1 million players worldwide.
Philip has been hooked on blockchain technology since his first investment in Dogecoin in 2014. Since then, he has built a wide variety of products and services in the NFT and blockchain space.

Founder at
Yvan is an avid crypto investor, advisor, and operator, with a strong knowledge of blockchain technology, blockchain security, decentralized finance (DeFi), and NFTs.
As an industry pioneer, Yvan has played a key role in elevating security standards and best practices across the digital asset ecosystem.
He singlehandedly built the Certik auditing practice and is now the founder of one of the most respected auditing firm in the space.
He is an active contributor to the french Defi ecosystem and has worked with over 2000 blockchain projects over the last 5 years.
Prior to being in crypto, Yvan led various product development initiatives at Barclays Banks and Samsung Electronics amongst many others.

Investor | Consultant | NFT Advisor | Play2Earn Games Advisor
Gustavo holds a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, alongside two post-grads in accounting and an MBA in business management.
With 8+ years of experience in accounting and finance working for companies like Unilever and BNP Paribas, Guhs brings some well-needed organizational skills, methodical reporting, and a process-driven approach to the wild west of crypto marketing.
In the blockchain space, he is a growth leader for other P2E projects and also has vast experience working closely with launchpad, VC, and Influencers.

Blockchain Lead at Champion Games Advisor
Coming from a background in Economics, AI, and institutional Fintech, Diego is a Full-Stack software engineer specializing in the inner workings of Blockchain technology.
With complex smart contracts in production managing millions of dollars in value, he's leading the blockchain development team at MetaSoccer and he's an advisor for various crypto projects with a specialization in tokenomics and technical support.
He's always striving for decentralization and maximizing the impact of the technology to create the economies of the future.

Co-Founder & COO at Champion Games Advisor
Strategy and growth analyst, business developer, and project-economics architect. Patxi is a business executive and partnership leader with over 15 years of success in amplifying business performance to hit top goals.
Patxi has held multiple director and leadership roles in international companies like Birchbox and tech-based organizations (ABA English).
In the Blockchain space, he is advising different videogame studios to pivot into play to earn ecosystem.
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